old habits die hard

old habits die hard

1758 B. FRANKLIN in London Chronicle 26–28 Dec. 632 I hear the reader say, Habits are hard to break, and those..accustomed to idleness or extravagance do not easily change their manners.

1792 J. BELKNAP Foresters ix. Old habits are not easily broken, and..they endeavoured..to transfer the blame from him to his wife.

1944 ‘H. TALBOT’ Rim of Pit xv. ‘Miss Daventry..started to run. Naturally I ran after her.’ Rogan smiled. ‘Old habits die hard.’

2002 Washington Times 6 Mar. A2 Lately, we’ve heard high French officials denounce our nation’s anti-terrorism policies as ‘simplistic’ and seen a French Olympic skating judge given the heave for apparently conspiring to aid the Russians (old habits die hard).

2007 Times 13 Sept. 18 Things may have changed, but old habits die hard and Portugal’s historic habits more than justify suspicions about its police force’s methods, motives and obsessional secrecy.

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